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Save time and take advantage of the lowest rates by creating an online estimate on the sendcolis platform.By using our price comparison, you will no longer get lost in a multitude of price lists to find out the cost of sending packages internationally.

Sending a package abroad can quickly turn into an obstacle course. Delivery rates, postage type, delivery time, packaging of package, method of delivery, ... so many questions to ask that take time, whether for one-off or regular parcel shipments.

With our online comparison tool, you have easy access to the best delivery services to all continents. In just a few clicks, discover the appropriate solutions and the offers of our partner carriers for shipping packages of all kinds or transporting goods to any country in the world. Thanks to Sendcolis, you quickly find package sending services always customized to your budget for Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Oceania or the Caribbean.

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Sendcolis, simple and inexpensive delivery worldwide

Do you want to develop your e-commerce platform and send your orders to your customers internationally? Are you a private shipper and do you have several packages to send to your relatives or friends all over the world?

Sendcolis helps to effectively reduce your transport costs. Trust our reliable transport networks, the quality of the services and track your shipments in real time.

To be sure that you comply with the handling conditions for any mail or packages sent abroad by our carriers, check the weight, size, and packaging of your shipment.

Also remember to check the enforced legislation in your destination country so as not to take the risk of seeing your package refused. Check the prohibited items or special provisions as some countries may have specific regulations for imports.

Make it simple to send packages anywhere in the world with Sendcolis 


Do you have to send a package to mainland France , en Europe, or internationally ? With our online package sending comparison tool, you know in real time which partner carrier can take charge of sending your package at the best price.