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Colis remis à son destinataire par un transporteur en salopette de travail

Customs formalities for sending packages to Asia

All goods shipped to Asia must clear customs. They are subject to administrative and fiscal formalities. You must attach customs documents when shipping, and possibly pay duties and taxes, depending on the value of the goods (like all international shipments outside of European Union member countries).

Ensure the proper delivery of your shipment to Asia

To successfully ship packages to Asia and clear customs smoothly, make sure your merchandise is allowed to be imported to the destination country on the Asian continent and check for potential taxes in advance.

The packaging of your shipment must be the subject of special care and be able to withstand the journey.

By carrying out customs formalities correctly, you reduce the risk your package being opened, you avoid delays in delivery due to customs blocking packages (or even destroying them), and you save the recipient the payment of additional duties or taxes. . For more information on customs clearance, see the Customs fees section

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