The best shipping deals and services to the Oceania continent

Sendcolis offers you a quick and easy solution to calculate the shipping costs of all your shipments, documents, and goods to all the countries of Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, ...

Negotiated prices for shipping solutions that benefit professionals and individuals.

Are you an SME looking for the fastest way to ship a package to Polynesia? Are you a student and want to send a gift to a loved one who lives in the Center-Oceania region at a low price? You just need to calculate the shipping cost and compare the delivery services offered by our partner carriers.

Offers specific to your needs will be among the transport services to Oceania that is available on our platform: express delivery service, economy delivery service, international courier service with tracking, etc...

Transporteur en salopette de travail remettant un colis à son destinataire

Best practices for your shipments to Oceania

Share your tracking number with the recipient so they can track the progress of your package at any time.

Check the list of prohibited goods on the Oceania continent before booking a delivery.

Our offers and services are accessible to professionals and private shippers in mainland France, overseas France, Europe or internationally.

The delivery services of our partner carriers serve all the capital and main cities in the Oceania countries :



Melbourne (Australia)

Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)

Wellington, Auckland (New Zealand)

sendcolis comparse the services and rates of partner carriers for you.