National and international online shipments

Thanks to our partnership with TNT, individuals and companies can take advantage of express, economy or custom transport solutions we offer in order to ship at low prices throughout mainland France and overseas French territories as well as Europe and the rest of the world.

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TNT delivery services in France and internationally

1 - Express delivery: rapid delivery of documents and packages.

Same Day Express Services: Guaranteed delivery on a certain day before a certain time.

Special Express for urgent deliveries with 2 delivery times :

- Special Express for deliveries of packages and documents, within 1 to 4 days, in France and around the world,
- Special Economy Express for international shipments and freight deliveries within 2 to 7 days.

2 - Economy Express: economy delivery for less urgent packages and freight shipments.

3 - Time sensitive services: custom delivery.

Dedicated Vehicle: rapid delivery at a controlled cost with a dedicated vehicle.

Onboard Courier: door-to-door delivery service on a commercial flight by courier with hand delivery to the recipient.

Air Charter: door-to-door or door-to airport delivery service for large and urgent shipments with plane charter.

Next Flight Out: door-to-door commercial flight service for urgent documents and packages.

4 - Air, land, or sea freight for heavy or bulky shipments.

Make shipping even easier with optional TNT services

The range of shipping services offered by TNT is accompanied by a wide range of optional services with high added value ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of recipients, senders, professionals, and individuals alike.

Are you looking for more flexibility on delivery time slots? Do you want to be compensated for damaged or lost materials? Do you need to ship oversized goods? Do you have to manage time-sensitive shipments? Available for shipments in France and anywhere in the world, the additional services offered by TNT are specially designed to better adapt to your lifestyle or specific requirements. They enhance not only your comfort and peace of mind, but also the safety of your transports.

Get to know the TNT delivery company better

TNT is a Dutch transport company specializing in the shipping of documents, packages and freight. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands, has a global delivery network that integrates a road and air network present in 200 countries, and more than 2,400 depots, sorting centers and platforms. It can thus offer a full range of express delivery and postal services to businesses and individuals and deliver recipients in France and anywhere in the world, combining speed and flexibility.

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