Understanding the charge for package dimensions

Carriers determine the price of sending a package in two ways:

according to the actual weight,
according to the dimensions

The concept of charging by dimension is based on a high weight/ format ratio. This measurement considers the space occupied by a package during transport. It makes it possible to differentiate between goods which, while having a relatively light weight, are bulky and take a lot of space in the delivery network, and goods which can be heavy but are small in size.

Charging by dimension applies to bulky but light packages if it is considered greater the actual weight.

Each carrier chooses whether or not to apply the principle of dimension taxation and uses its own formula which is used to calculate the price of the shipment.

By using the sendcolis platform, you do not need to calculate the dimensions of your package, our transport quote comparison tool does it for you.

Just be sure to provide the correct size and weight information for your shipment to get an accurate dimensional weight.

Indeed, the proposed transport quotes are based on your declarations only. In addition, in the event of regulation and declaration errors, you run the risk of delays and additional costs which will be invoiced to you subsequently.

Livraison rapide d’un colis par un transporteur

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